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15-Point Programme at Bihar government for minority

15-Point Programme at Bihar government for minority

Out of her concern for the welfare of minorities, the then Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi addressed a letter to the Chief Ministers in May, 1983 containing certain points to ensure the economic, social and educational development of the minorities. This letter covered 15 different aspects for action commonly known as the Prime Minister's 15-Point Programme for welfare of the minorities. These points were reiterated by Prime Minister, Shri Rajiv Gandhi in his letter dated 28th, August, 1985 addressed to all the Chief Ministers. The updated text of these points is given below:

Enhancing Opportunities for Education
  1. Equitable availability of ICDS Services: The Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme is aimed at holistic development of children and pregnant/lactating mothers from disadvantaged section, by providing services through Anganwadi Centres such as supplementary nutrition, immunization, health check up, referral services, pre-school and non-formal education. A certain percentage of ICDS projects and Anganwadi Centres will be located in blocks/villages with a substantial population of minority communities to ensure that the benefits of this scheme are equitably available to such communities.
  2. Improving access to School Education: Under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, the Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya Scheme, and other similar Government schemes, it will be ensured that a certain percentage of such schools are located in villages/localities having a substantial population of minority communities.
  3. Greater resources for teaching Urdu: Central assistance will be provided for recruitment and posting of Urdu language teachers in primary and upper primary schools that serve a population in which at least one-fourth belongs to that language group.
  4. Modernizing Madarsa Education: The Central Plan Scheme of Area Intensive and Madarsa Modernisation programme provides basic educational infrastructure in areas of concentration of educationally backward minoriteis and resources for the modernisation of Madarsa education. Keeping in view the importance of addressing this need, this programme will be substantially strengthened and implemented effectively.
  5. Scholarships for meritorious students from minority communities: Schemes for pre-matric and post-metric scholarships for students from minority communities will be formulated and implemented.
  6. Improving educational infrastructure through the Maulana Azad Education Foundation: The Government shall provide all possible assistance to Maulana Azad Education Foundation(MAEF) to strengthen and enable it to expand its activities more effectively.
[B] Equitable Share in Economic Activities and Employment
  1. Self Employment and Wage Employment for the poor:
    1. The Swarnjayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana (SGSY), the primary self-employment programme for rural areas, has the objective of bringing assisted poor rural families above the poverty line by providing them income generating assets through a mix of bank credit and Government subsidy. A certain percentage of the physical and financial targets under SGSY will be earmarked for beneficiaries belonging to the minority communities living below the poverty line in rural areas.
    2. The Swaranjayanti Shahari Rojgar Yojana (SSRY) consists of two major components namely, the Uraban Self-Employment Programme (USEP) and the Urban Wage Employment Programme (UWEP). A certain percentage of the physical and financial targets under USEP and UWEP will be earmarked to benefit people below the poverty line from the minority communities.
    3. The Sampurna Grameen Rozgar Yojana (SGRY) is aimed at providing additional wage employment in rural areas alongside the creation of durable community, social and economic infrastructure. Since the National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme (NREGP) has been launched in 200 districts, and SGRY has been merged with NREGP in these districts, in the remaining districts, a certain percentage of the allocation under SGRY will be earmarked for beneficiaries belonging to the minority communities living below the poverty line till these districts are taken up under NREGP. Simultaneously, a certain percentage of the allocation will be earmarked for the certain of infrastructure in such villages, which have a substantial population of minorities.
  2. Upgradation of skills through technical training: A very large proportion of the population of minority communities is engaged in low-level technical work or earns its living as handicraftsmen. Provision of technical training to such people would upgrade their skills and earning capability. Therefore, a certain proportion of all new ITIs will be located in areas predominantly inhabited by minority communities and a proportion of existing ITIs to be upgraded to 'Centres of Excellence' will be selected on the same basis.
  3. Enhanced Credit Support for Economic Activities:
    1. The National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation (NMDFC) was set up in 1994 with the objective of promoting economic development activities among the minority communities. The Government is committed to strengthen the NMDFC by providing it greater equity support to enable it to fully achieve its objectives.
    2. Bank credit is essential for certain and sustenance of self employment initiatives. A target of 40% of net bank credit for priority sector lending has been fixed for domestic banks. The priority sector includes, inter alia, agricultural loans, loans to small scale industries and small business, loans to retail trade, professional and self-employment persons, education loans, housing loans and micro-credit. It will be ensured that an appropriate percentage of the priority sector lending in all categories is targeted for the minority communities.
  4. Recruitment to State and Central Services:
    1. In the recruitment of police personnel, State Government will be advised to give special consideration to minorities. For this purpose, the composition of selection committees should be representative.
    2. The central Government will take similar action in the recruitment of personnel to the Central police forces.
    3. Large scale employment opportunities are provided by the Railways, nationalised banks and public sector enterprises. In these cases also, the concerned departments will ensure that special consideration is given to recruitment from minority communities.
    4. An exclusive schemes will be launched for candidates belonging to minority communities to provide coaching in government institutions as well as private coaching institutes will credibility.
[C] Improving the conditions of living of Minorities
  1. Equitable share in rural housing scheme: The Indira Awas Yojana(IAY) provides financial assistance for shelter to the rural poor living below poverty line. A certain percentage of the physical and financial targets under IAY will be earmarked for poor beneficiaries from minority communities living in rural areas.
  2. Improvement in condition of slums inhabited by minority communities: Under the schemes of Integrated Housing & Slum Development Programme (IHSDP) and Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), the Central Government provides assistance to States/UTs for development of urban slums through provision of physical amenities and basic services. It would be ensured that the benefits of these programmes flow equitably to members of the minority communites and to cities/slums, predominantly inhabited by minority communities.
[D] Prevention and Control of Communal Riots
  1. Prevention of communal incidents: In areas, which have been identified as communally sensitive and riot prone, district and police officials of the highest known efficiency, impartiality and secular record must be posted. In such areas and even elsewhere, the prevention of communal tension should be one of the primary duties of the District Magistrates and Superintendent of Police. Their performance in this regard should be an important factor in determining their promotion prospects.
  2. Prosecution for communal offences: Severe actions should be taken against all those who incite communal tension or take part in violence. Special court or courts specifically earmarked to try communal offences should be set up so that offenders are brought to book speedily.
  3. Rehabilitation of victims of communal riots: Victims of communal riots should be given immediate relief and provided prompt and adequate financial assistance for their rehabilitation.

List Of Trained Mediators in High Court & Civil Courts of Bihar

Sl.No. List of Trained Mediators In High Court ( Advocates)
1. Sri Rajeeva Roy
Advocate, Patna High Court, Patna
2. Sri Chakradhari Sharan Singh
Advocate, Patna High Court, Patna
3. Sri Ranjan Kumar,
Advocate, Patna High Court, Patna
4. Sri Rantnesh Kumar Singh,
Advocate, Patna High Court, Patna
5. Sri Rabindra Nath Kanth,
Advocate, Patna High Court, Patna
6. Sri Sujeet Kumar Sinha,
Advocate, Patna High Court, Patna
7. Sri Nand Kishore Prasad Sinha,
Advocate, Patna High Court, Patna
8. Sri Manoj Kumar,
Advocate, Patna High Court, Patna
  List of Trained Mediators (Judicial Officers)
9. Sri Surendra Kumar Sharma
Secretary  Bihar Bidan Sabha, Patna
10. Sri Sajal Mandilwar
A.D.J. Sasaram
11. Sri Pankaj Mishra ,
Railway Magistrate Narkatiaganj
12. Sri Ajay Kumar Srivastava, Sub Judge, Patna
13. Sri Sunil Kumar Singh, Sub Judge, Patna
14. Sri Rajnish Kumar Srivastava, Sub Judge, Patna
15. Sri Ramesh Chandra Malviya, C.J.M., Muzaffarpur
16. Sri Tribhuwan yadav, S.D.J.M  West, Muzaffarpur
17. Sri Awadesh Kumar, S.D.J.M. Sitamarhi
18. Sri Kaushlesh Kr. Singh, C.J.M. Aurangabad
19. Sri Braj Bhusan Singh, C.J.M.  Arrah Judgeship
20. Sri Brajesh Narain Mishra, Sub Judge , Arrah Judgeship
21. Sri S.B. Prasad Singh, Sub Judge , Gaya Judgeship
22. Sri Rajendra Chaubey, Munsif I , Gaya Judgeship
23. Sri Shubh Nandan Jha, Execution Munsif, Gaya Judgeship
24. Sri Sunil Kumar Panwar,
Principle Judge Family Court ,Gaya 
25. Sri Kameshwar Nath Ray, ADJ, Gaya
Principle Judge Family Court, Jamui
26. Sri Shambhu Nath Singh ADJ, Chapra
27. Sri Ashok Kumar Pathak
Principle Judge Family Court, Madhubani
28. Sri Surya Kant  Singh,
S.D.J.M., Bhagalpur
29. Sri Niraj Bihari Lal,
Munsif, Presently, Rly. Magistrate, Bhagalpur
30. Sri Suresh Kumar Singh,
Munsif II, Bhagalpur
31 Sri Satya Prakash Mishra,
Sadar Munsif , Presently, Sub Judge, Purnea
32. Sri Durgesh Mani Tripathi ,
Additional Munsif, Purnea, Presently, Sub Judge, Danapur
33. Sri Bibhakar Dubey,
S.D.J.M. , Presently, Sub Judge Purnea
34 Sri Devanand Mani Tripathi,
Registrar, Presently Sub Judg, Chapra
35. Sri Ram Chandra,
Munsif, Chapra
36. Sri V.S. Pandey,
Munsif, Chapra
37. Sri Vijay Anand Tiwary
S.D.J.M., Presently Sub Judge, Darbhanga
38. Sri Sunil Kumar,
Registrar, Presently, Sub Judge Darbbhanga
39. Sri Mritunnajay Kumar Singh II
MUnsif, Presently S.D.J.M., Darbhanga
40. Sri  Md. Naimullah,
Sub Judge, Motihari
41. Sri Anant Kumar Sah,
Munsif,  Motihari
42. Sri Sarangdhar Upadhayay,
Munsif, Raxaul at Motihari
43. Sri Krishna Murari Sharan,
Sub Judge III, Saharsa
44. Sri Shiv Kumar Shukla ,
Sub Judge IV, Saharsa
45. Sri Ranjeet Kumar,
Munsif, Saharsa
List of Trained Mediators (Advocates) in Civil Court, Patna
46. Sri Umakant Prasad Verma,
Advocate, Civil Court, Patna
47. Sri Vijay Anand ,
Advocate, Civil Court, Patna
48 Sri Manendra Kumar singh,
Advocate, Civil Court, Patna
List of Trained Mediators (Advocates) in Civil Court, Muzaffarpur
49. Sri Rajaram Pd. Singh,
Advocate, Civil Court, Muzaffarpur
List of Trained Mediators (Advocates) in Civil Court, Arrah
50. Sri Vijay Kumar Singh,
Advocate, Civil Court, Arrah
List of Trained Mediators (Advocates) in Civil Court, Gaya
51. Sri Kedar Nath Singh,
Advocate, Civil Court, Gaya
List of Trained Mediators (Advocates) in Civil Court, Bhagalpur
52. Smt. Renu Kumari Ghosh,
Advocate, Civil Court, Bhagalpur
List of Trained Mediators (Advocates) in Civil Court, Purnea
53 Sri Rajendra Prasad Choudhary,
Advocate, Civil Court, Purnea
List of Trained Mediators (Advocates) in Civil Court,Chapra
54. Sri Awadhesh  Kumar,
Advocate, Civil Court,Chapra
List of Trained Mediators (Advocates) in Civil Court, Darbhanga
55. Sri Satya Narayan Yadav,
Advocate, Civil Court, Darbhanga
List of Trained Mediators (Advocates) in Civil Court, Saharsa
56. Sri Manoj Kumar Singh,
Advocate, Civil Court, Saharsa
List of Trained Mediators (Advocates) in Civil Court, Motihari
57 Sri Prabhash Kumar Tripathi,
Advocate, Civil Court,  Motihari

Officers on deputation in various departments of the Bihar State Government:

Name of the Officers Date of Appointment
1. Sri B.B.Pathak,
Senior Law Advisor-cum-Addl. Secretary Bihar State Electricity Board, Patna.
2. Sri Vinod Kumar Sinha,
Law Secretary-cum-Legal Remembrancer, Govt. of Bihar, Patna.
3. Sri
Chairman, Bihar State Transport Appellate Tribunal, Patna
4. Sri Nisha Nath Ojha,
Chairman, Commercial Taxes Tribunal, Patna.
5. Sri Radha Krishna,
Member Secretary, Bihar State Legal Services Authority, Patna.
6. Sri
Registrar State Commission, Consumer Protection, Patna
7. Sri Akhilesh Kumar Jain,
Special Secretary cum Additional Legal Remembrancer , Law Department Govt. of Bihar
8. Md. Akram Rizvi
Presiding Officer, Bihar Waqf Tribunal , Patna.
June, 2009
9.. Sri 
Director, Judicial Officer Training Institute, Gulzarbagh, Patna.
10. Sri Ram Vinod Singh
Joint Secretary, Bihar State Legal Service Authority, Patna.
11. Sri 
Law Officer, (Legal Cell), Bihar State Information Commission , Patna
12. Sri  
O.S.D. Governor-cum-Chancellor's Secretariate Raj Bhawan, Patna
13. Sri Om Prakash Sinha I ,
Joint Secretary-cum-Additional Legal Remembrancer, (Judicial) In Law Dep., Government of Bihar
14 Sri Ajay Kumar Srivastava,
Deputy Secretary-cum-Law Advisor, Bihar State Housing Board, Patna
Sri Binod Kumar Shukla,
Law Officer, Health Department, Govt. of Bihar, Patna
Sri Shiva Nand Mishra ,
Under Secretary-cum-Deputy Legal Remembrancer,In Law Department, Government of Bihar
Sri Ashok Kumar Gupta II
P.O., Labour Court, Patna
Sri Vijay Anand Tiwari
A.R. Bihar State Legal Services Authority, Patna
19 Sri Amrendra Pati Tripathi
Additional Director, Bihar Judicial Academy, Patna
20. Sri Shyam Kishore Jha
Deputy Director, Bihar Judicial Academy, Gulzarbagh, Patna
Sri Bijay Bahadur Yadav ,
Under Secretary, Law Department, Patna
Sri Md. Hasibullah Ansari ,
P.O., Labour Court, Muzaffarpur
23. Sri Birendra Singh,
P.O., Labour Court, Patna
Sri Prabhat Kumar Sinha,
P.O., Labour Court, Patna
Sri Rajesh Kumar III ,
P.O., Labour Court, Begusarai
Sri Rakesh Malviya ,
Under Secretary, Law Department, Patna

Patna High Court RTI Rules, 2005 (Ist ammendment) Rules, 2008

Patna High Court RTI Rules, 2005 (Ist ammendment) Rules, 2008

For more detail click below

Bihar government e-Procurement project -2011

e-Procurement is the process wherein the physical tendering activity is carried out online using the Internet and associated technologies. e-Procurement enables the user to introduce ease and efficiency of operations without compromising on the required procurement policies and procedures of the organization.

Through e-Procurement the Government expects to increase transparency and efficiency in public procurement, it is also estimated that e-Procurement will bring about savings worth approximately 15-20% annually. At this juncture, the Government is taking efforts to consolidate the existing e-Procurement solutions and implement an end-to-end e-Procurement solution across all agencies in the State. The Government seeks to involve a private partner in implementation of the end-to-end e-Procurement solution.
Departments. GoB has also shortlisted the departments which are to be included in the First Phase (Pilot) of this project. The identified Departments are:
  1. 1. Department of Road Construction
  2. 2. Department of Building Construction
  3. 3. Pul Nirmaan Nigam, Bihar
  4. 4. Department of Public Health

Through e-Procurement the Government expects to increase transparency and efficiency in public procurement, it is also estimated that e-Procurement will bring about savings worth approximately 15-20% annually. At this juncture, the Government is taking efforts to consolidate the existing e-Procurement solutions and implement an end-to-end e-Procurement solution across all agencies in the State. The Government seeks to involve a private partner in implementation of the end-to-end e-Procurement solution.

ICT in schools scheme at Bihar IT -2011

The ‘ICT in schools’ scheme is a window of opportunity to the learners in the Government aided Secondary and Sr. Secondary schools in the country to bridge the digital divide. The scheme is a comprehensive and well thought-out initiative to open new vistas of learning and to provide a level-playing field to school students, whether in rural areas or in the metropolitan cities.

ICT@School Project is the establishment of computer lab in all 1000 schools. Each of the lab contain one server, 10 PC nodes, networked with Printer and Scanner, computer furniture etc. As part of improving the basic infrastructure the project also contain physical infrastructure improvement by doing false ceiling, Vinyl flooring painting etc. and power backup facility like UPS and Gensets in each school.

The Objectives of this project is to enable student to have national and international level of education in computer a dedicated IT Trainer is provided in each schools. In order to mitigate various risk of failure on operational and financial front, the project will be rolled out under PPP modal, specially using BOOT modal on quarterly lease basis for 3 years.

The Project has been approved for 1000 schools spread across the State of Bihar. The project has been successfully implemented in 400 schools.
Bihar State specific Courseware has been designed and developed in Hindi as per the curriculum of schools. The courseware was verified and approved by Bihar Intermediate Examination Board for ICT@School Project. In all 400 completed schools Computer Faculty Induction program has been done and also Skill up-gradation Training has been conducted for 1st Year.

State Wide Area Network (SWAN) project at bihar government IT -OCT 2011

State Wide Area Network (SWAN) has been identified as an element of the core infrastructure for supporting e-Governance initiatives. BSWAN is expected to cater to the information communication requirements of the entire state government and its departments. Through implementing BSWAN, the Government of Bihar (GoB) wishes to provide reliable, vertical and horizontal connectivity within the state administration to make the Government more productive.

Government of Bihar (GoB) established a network namely Bihar State Wide Area Network (BSWAN) through its Department of Science and Technology (DS&T), Technology Bhawan and Patna providing network connectivity to Government Offices and Departments at State Capital, District, Sub-Divisional, and Block headquarters across the State. There will also be adequate bandwidth provision to meet the increasing demands of data, voice and video transmission. BSWAN will link GoB offices at the State Data Centre, called as the State Head Quarter (SHQ), District Head Quarter (DHQ), and Block Head Quarters (BHQ).

BSWAN has been fully implemented in the SHQ at Patna, all 37 DHQs and 470 BHQs. Different services such as Video Conferencing between the Government officials, iWDMS, VAT MIS and e-District are currently running successfully on BSWAN. BSWAN is currently being monitored from the Technology Bhawan, Patna.

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